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How to save energy amd electricity in your home and reduce the cost of your electricity bill.

With the increasing cost of electricity, save energy in your home has never been more important. There are a number of things that we can all do that won't cost any money to implement.

1. Turn off your lights.
Never leave lights on when you are not in a room, this could easily be the most efficient means of saving money on electricity.

2. Switch to energy efficient compact fluorescent lights
Lighting accounts for around 5% of household greenhouse gas emissions, and compact fluorescent light bulbs use 75% less energy than an equivalent incandescent bulb. Although the bulbs cost more up-front, you will actually save money through the energy saved and extended life of the bulb.

3.Turn your heating off while you sleep.
Doing this minimises your electricity bill as you can snuggle up to keep yourself warm.

4. Switch off your appliances.
that are on standby and turning off anything that doesn’t need to be on
Appliances on standby consume up to 10% of your electricity bill. Turn them off at the wall when not in use.

5. Don’t leave the outside lights on.

Install sensor lights instead, so they come on only when you are there.
6. Cool your home efficiently
When sunlight enters a room it delivers an enormous amount of heat. It’s like having a two bar radiator hanging on the wall. An external blind, pergola or deciduous vine can be used to keep out the sun in summer. Well-designed eaves shade summer sun while allowing winter sun in. It is important to externally shade east and west windows in summer.

7. Have shorter shower.
Not only will this save precious water, you will save electricity if you have an electric hot water system.

8. Buy energy-efficient appliances.
If you are buying new appliances, be sure to select one with a high start rating. Not only do energy efficient appliance use less power when in use, but also when they are in standby mode.
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